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Multifunction Counter DIN 72x72mm

H7BX with the backlit LCD gives a excellent display view. The main display PV has a height of 13.5mm and SV has a height of 9.5mm. It can be green or red and it can be programmed to change if a specific value is reached. All basic counters functions are covered with many different output modes. Easy setup by dip-switches for the basic functions.

  • H 72 x W 72 x D 100mm
  • Total and preset counter, batch counter, dual counter and tachometer
  • Two-color display value, red or green
  • 6-digit, -99999 to 999999, set value -99999 to 999999 or 0 to 999999
  • Input contact, NPN or PNP
  • Easy operation with a key for each digit